In 2015 Becker’s Craft Beer was established, after Jan and Christine completed a course in beer brewing. Although it is still a nano-brewery, there is a lot planned for the future. There are four types of beer brewed by Becker’s Brewery, each named after one of the four children.

Solly Stout, named after Salmon, is an Oatmeal Stout. The dark colour is provided by the Brown Malt, Roasted Barley Malt and Chocolate Malt. Although the dark colour can be extremely intimidating, the hint of chocolate is both interesting and refreshing

Mike Weiss, named after Michael, is a more fruity beer. Hints of citrus, such as orange and lemon, can be tasted. It is a favourite among the ladies.

The Twin Pale Ale is named after the twins, Jana and Christine. The brewery produces two types of Pale Ale, the Indian and American Pale Ale. The American Pale Ale is a refreshing amber coloured Pale Ale with a citrus-laden hop aroma. If you love the grapefruit flavours of Cascade, you will definitely fall in love with this beer. The Twin Pale Ale is an all-round crowd pleaser!

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